2017 crime down 17 % in Slidell, police say

Crime dropped by more than 17 percent in the city of Slidell last year, compared to 2016, the Slidell Police Department said Friday (Jan. 12).

The department released its annual crime statistics, which compile incidents in seven categories that are reported to the FBI. The categories range from homicide to theft.

The department said there were 1,094 total crimes reported in 2017, down from 1,322 in 2016. Last year’s number continued a downward trend in recent years.

There were two homicides last year, compared to none in 2016. Rapes and robberies also showed increases.

But there were big drops in assaults and thefts, the stats show.

Slidell crime stats as reported by the Slidell Police Department 

“We are proud to report that, overall, crime in down 17.2 percent,” Police Chief Randy Fandal said. He chalked the decrease up to a community-wide effort that included the police, homeowners groups, faith-based organizations and residents.

Fandal said work must be done to stem the increase in armed robberies, which he attributed to the growing number of people with opioid addictions.

“The drug users are desperate to fuel their habit,” he said. “We need to keep working together to find a solution to this problem.”

The drop in Slidell crime follows reports from the Covington and Mandeville police departments also showing decreases.



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