Are you OK in case your city permits marijuana gross sales?

New Jersey voters told pollsters from Quinnipiac University last September that they’re OK with allowing adults to legally possess small amounts of marijuana for personal use by a 59 to 38 percent margin. But 55 percent of voters said they would “definitely not try” marijuana even if it were legal. Nine percent say they would “definitely try” it and 12 percent say they would “probably try it.” 

Well, the moment of truth is fast approaching. Democrats in the state Legislature yesterday introduced a bill to make recreational pot legal in the Garden State.

Incoming-Gov. Phil Murphy has said he would sign the measure if it came across his desk. Experts believe that’ll happen by spring.

The pressure is now on the towns to decide if they’ll allow dispensaries or farms within their borders. The state expects it to be a $300 million business, but only municipalities that participate will share in the windfall. 

Jersey City and Asbury Park say they’re fine with it. Point Pleasant isn’t.

But let’s go back to that poll up top. Fifty-nine percent are OK with the theory, but 55 percent say it’s not for them. Now that recreational marijuana is closer to becoming a reality, are you OK if your town permits marijuana sales?

Vote in our informal, unscientific poll and tell us how you voted in the comments. 


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