Cameron Jordan likes to sing karaoke after massive wins, has excessive hopes for Saints: …

Cameron Jordan has evolved as more than a football player in his seven seasons with the New Orleans Saints. 

He also has found himself to be more of a family man as the Saints make their latest push into the second round of the playoffs.

Jordan wrote a first-person essay for The Players’ Tribune website in which he said he has a new way to celebrate after big wins, and that is to sing karaoke with his teammates and their families.

“I’m not up in the club, in the VIP room with the bottle service,” he wrote. “I’m on stage calling up OutKast songs or belting out ‘Crazy in Love’ or whatever in front of all the toddlers and moms and everyone else.”

Jordan wrote there was a time in his career — “2011, back when I first joined the Saints” — when he would have been out on the town to celebrate the latest Saints’ wins.

His free time now is spent with his 1- and 2-year-old children, he wrote.

The Players’ Tribune post also included more background on the idea to send Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton a bottle of wine after the Saints’ wild-card win, and what it means for him to go to Minnesota for such a crucial game Sunday.

“My dad, Steve, has an amazing history from when he played for that team,” he wrote.

Jordan said he is “playing the best football of my career” and that the Saints defense is playing well enough so that it’s “not just all about the offense in New Orleans anymore, and that makes me proud.”

Read the full Players’ Tribune post here.

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