Cops search assist figuring out arsonists

BRIDGEPORT — Bridgeport police are asking for the public’s assistance in identifying suspects involved in two attempted acts of arson at a local market.

Police released surveillance footage from Sunshine Kitchen & Deli, 1615 Park Avenue, on YouTube Friday evening in an attempt to track down suspected arsonists.

The first clip shows a suspect in a black hoodie and navy blue windbreaker pants walking up to the business with a yellow gasoline container and starting a fire during the night of Jan. 9.

The second footage shows two black suspects entering the store midday on Jan. 12. The first suspect, who is wearing a black jacket over a gray fleece, is shown talking to the store clerk while the second suspect, who is clad in a gray Nike hoodie and dark jeans, pours a flammable liquid of some kind along a shelf of combustible items in the rear of the store. After igniting the fire, the two suspects are seen fleeing southeast down Park Avenue.

Anyone with information about the two incidents is asked to contact Det. Laura Azevedo-Rasuk or Sgt. K. Nikola at (203) 581-5215 or the Bridgeport Police Department TIPS line at (203) 576-TIPS (8477).

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