'Crashing' star Artie Lange 'sober 32 days' regardless of canceled…

Artie Lange emerged on social media Friday for the first time since mid-December, when he entered rehab following his Dec. 12 arrest. 

“I’m back guys,” he tweeted. “Clean & Sober 32 days. One day at a time.” 

“Thx to u guys. The greatest fans in the world,” he continued. “I love you all for not forgetting me. To the ones who did. I’m so sorry. I’m a junky. But a recovering one right now.” 

Days after police showed up at his Hoboken home in response to a photo he tweeted in which his nose appeared very swollen (“I annoyed somebody so I got punched in the face,” Lange later said), Lange was arrested on Dec. 12 for failing to appear in court following an arrest in May. He had been stopped by State Police in Bloomfield near a McDonald’s on the Garden State Parkway — police said he had been driving erratically. Lange pleaded guilty to possession of 81 decks of heroin. 

Lange’s initial post-rehab foray into Twitter was in the form of a birthday message for his former boss and friend Howard Stern, who turned 64 on Jan. 12.

The comedian famously had a falling out with Stern eight years ago, when his struggles with drug addiction and depression culminated in a 2010 suicide attempt.

“It was nothing but my fault,” Lange told NJ Advance Media last year. “Howard tried to help me.” 

(In the same breath, Lange reserved an insult for Marci Turk, chief operating officer of Stern’s programs at SiriusXM. “Look out Marci,” he later tweeted. “I’m talking to Howard without your permission.”)

His return Friday was just in time for Sunday’s season premiere of “Crashing,” the HBO series in which he plays Artie Lange, a lovable grump of a comedy sidekick to a greener Pete Holmes, who tries to make it in stand-up with the help of a cast of rotating real-life comedians in New York. Lange tweeted photos he took with Holmes, teasing the premiere. 

Despite the cancellation of several of his upcoming shows, including a planned set in Sayreville on Jan. 13 and two shows in Las Vegas in early February, Lange said he would be performing Friday night. 

“Hey guys tonight I’ll be at the famed comedy cellar / village underground all night,” Lange tweeted just before 6 p.m. Friday. “The legendary Estee promised me at leAst one set. Come and see me do a clean and sober set although I could suck but I promise you will be entertained . Love you all.” 

Lange, 50, who grew up in Union, is a former cast member of the sketch show “Mad TV.” But he’s best known for his long stint on “The Howard Stern Show.”

Both dedicated fans and casual observers know he’s…

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