‘He was so happy’: Man watched Zulu with family before he was shot dead in Lower…

Riding to the Zulu Social Aid and Pleasure Club parade with her brother and his 2-year-old son, Elisa Young said, she never would have guessed those hours with him and her nephew in Treme would be among her brother’s last moments alive.

“He was so happy,” said Young, tears welling as she sat on the steps of her mother’s front porch on St. Claude Avenue Wednesday morning. 

Young, 37, and her other sister, Eugencia Green, 40, identified their brother, 26-year-old Jamar Robinson, as one of two men killed in a shooting on St. Claude in the Lower 9th Ward Tuesday night. Robinson was riding in a red Nissan Altima with four other men when the car was fired upon, police said.

The Orleans Parish Coroner’s Office on Wednesday confirmed Robinson, along with 21-year-old Byron Jackson, were killed in the shooting. Three other men were injured.

Police said one or more shooters opened fire near St. Claude and Andry Street, and the Altima then traveled to a gas station about two blocks away on St. Claude. Police and bystanders swarmed the LA Express gas station Tuesday night, where the body of a man who had been pronounced dead at the scene lay in the back seat of the red car. The other man who was killed was taken by EMS to a hospital but died later, police said. 

Robinson’s sister said their brother was the man police found in the car’s back seat. “They wouldn’t let me see him,” said Green, as she shook her head. “He just didn’t deserve this.”

Young on Wednesday reviewed a video on her cellphone, taken just hours before Robinson was shot dead, showing her brother pick up their toddler nephew. The boy had been playing with Mardi Gras beads on the ground, and Robinson hoisted him near his shoulders — where Robinson’s 2-year-old son was already propped. 

Robinson was their mother’s only son and the youngest of the three siblings, his sisters said. Two of the wounded men who were in the car were his relatives, they said.

As they spoke on the porch about their brother, who they called “the baby” of the family, a handful of people walked up the porch steps without saying anything and into their home to visit with Robinson’s mother. One man said nothing but put a hand on Young’s knee as he made his way up the steps. Another man, who came later, gave Green a hug in silence before opening the front door.

“It’s numbing,” Green said. “He was spoiled. He was not in the streets. My mama’s only son.”

Green and Young said they are part of a large family – their mother was one of 14 siblings – and the family is not accustomed to losing relatives in homicides.

“Nobody in our family has lost their life like this,” Green said. “It just doesn’t seem real.”

Robinson grew up in the Lower 9th Ward house where his sisters sat on Wednesday, but moved to Terrebonne Parish and then Riverside, Calif., after “the storm,” said Young, referring to Hurricane Katrina in 2005. He played football in high school in Terrebonne Parish and then in California, his…

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