LSU’s Will Wade does ‘something to assist our college’ however shies from private atten…

Following LSU’s 75-54 win Wednesday at Arkansas, Tigers coach Will Wade clamored for fans to pack the Pete Maravich Assembly Center for Saturday night’s contest against Alabama.

“We need people hanging from the catwalks,” Wade told LSU radio after the win over the Razorbacks.

When the Tigers got back to Baton Rouge, LSU and Wade filmed a short video posted to the LSU basketball Twitter account showing Wade on the catwalk of the PMAC asking fans to buy tickets – and not to actually hang from the catwalk like he originally asked.

It’s not the first time Wade has been out front and center and he tries to build the program, even if that isn’t what he likes doing.

“I don’t like doing all that stuff,” Wade said. “The players should be the face of the program. It’s a program about the players, it’s not about me. It’s not the Will Wade Tigers, it’s the LSU Tigers.”

Wade has been a part of several short videos to promote the team and said the marketing staff at LSU has coaxed him into doing those.

Before the LSU football home game against Auburn in October, Wade and the basketball team threw T-shirts into the student section.

They said, “I Will Wade For You” — a nod to the Mumford and Sons song, “I Will Wait”.


“The way I look at it, I’ll do anything to help our school, help our program and help our guys,” Wade said. “It helps our guys to have fans in the stands. If it takes 10 minutes of my time to climb up on that catwalk like it did (Thursday), it’s better than me than to spend some of our players time where they can rest and lock in with what they need to do.”

But being the face of the program isn’t something Wade is planning on doing for long. Not that he’s planning on leaving LSU, but the focus will shift to the players in the coming years.

“It’s not about me as we move forward here,” Wade said. “As the program grows, I’ll fade into the background. You won’t see me on any of the media guides or anything stuff like that. It’s about our players, about our program.

“They had to talk me in to printing those T-shirts. I told them ‘No’ two different times. They came back with the boss and said we all think this is a really good idea.”

But was going on the catwalk a really good idea?

“I wouldn’t recommend going up on that catwalk to you guys,” Wade said. “It’s an old building. (LSU senior Associate Communications Director) Kent Lowe warned me. I wouldn’t put that on the bucket list.” 

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