Nationwide concealed carry bill for gun owners is worrisome, cops say

Shea said he hopes an attempt to pass a national concealed carry law isn’t rushed because it’s a complicated situation. Shea likened the proposed legislation to having a state-issued driver’s license.

“Although, unlike the driver’s test, I’m not sure what the standards are for many of these concealed-carry states,” Shea said, “Or if there are standards in all states.”

Shea said he’s heard of many incidents where visitors to the Empire State building or Statue of Liberty are arrested on the spot when security discovers they’re concealed carrying with a permit from their home state.  

“There’s not a police officer that wants to arrest someone who made a mistake because they don’t know the law,” Shea said.

But before someone walks around his city with a concealed weapon, Shea said, he wants to know if they’ve had past issues of domestic abuse, criminal activity or violence.

“Each state has the right to determine what’s right for them, but if you’re telling me that the other 49 states have to acknowledge this law, we better get together and have standards we can all agree on,” he said.

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