Ocelots newly arrived at Audubon Zoo a ‘proven breeding pair’

A brand new pair of untamed cats have arrived on the Audubon Zoo.

Final month, the zoo acquired two Brazilian ocelots — noticed wild cats about double the dimensions of your common home cat — from the Dallas Zoo, in response to a information launch Audubon issued on Tuesday (Nov. 14). The feminine, Milagre, and the male, Joaquin, are each 9 years previous and described within the zoo’s information launch as “a confirmed breeding pair.”

“Audubon’s animal employees is hopeful that when they’re snug of their new house, kittens could possibly be on the best way,” the information launch states.

The pair will keep within the “Jaguar Jungle” exhibit set on a hill throughout from the spider monkey habitat.

“Brazilian ocelots are a brand new species for Audubon and we’re thrilled to be working with them,” Dominique Fleitas, assistant curator of zoo’s Louisiana Swamp and Jaguar Jungle reveals, wrote within the information launch. “Joaquin is the extra outgoing of the 2 and loves something he can bat round. Milagre is a little more reserved and is intrigued by new smells.”

Recognized for his or her “hanging, dappled” — and worthwhile — fur coats, Brazilian ocelots have been hunted to close-extinction within the native southwest United States, Mexico, Central and South America habitats all through the twentieth Century, based on Audubon. “Regulatory measures” helped spark a comeback, however locations like Texas have continued to see already-small ocelot numbers proceed declining as a result of deforestation, habitat destruction and poaching, the zoo says.

Listed here are some extra information about Brazilian ocelots included in Audubon’s information launch:

  • These largely nocturnal cats are territorial and solitary. They use eager sight and listening to to hunt rabbits, rodents, iguanas, fish, and frogs and take to timber to stalk monkeys and birds.
  • In contrast to many cats, they don’t worry water and are wonderful swimmers. 
  • They’re carnivores, utilizing pointed fangs used to ship a killing chew, and sharp again tooth that may tear meals like scissors. Their raspy tongues can clear a bone of each morsel.
  • They convey with each other utilizing tender meows which may flip into loud yowls when in search of a mate.
  • They reside beneath leafy canopies of South American rain forests, mountain forests at altitudes of as much as 12,500 ft, grassland and mangroves. Additionally they can adapt to human habitats and sometimes are discovered close to villages.
  • Their wonderful fur has made them a goal of hunters. Their coats are often tawny, yellow or brown-grayish, coated with black rosettes and distinctive markings in quite a lot of patterns.
  • Summary artist Salvador Dali stored an ocelot as a pet and was recognized to journey often together with his domesticated companion.
  • Ocelot comes from the Aztec phrase “tlalocelot,” which suggests “subject tiger.”

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