School district, community praises grandmother for thwarting alleged attack at s…

EVERETT, Wash. – District officials alerted parents to the suspect’s arrest Tuesday by email blast.

But some families only learned today about how serious the seriousness of what could have happened on Wednesday.

“I feel like I might have been able to help him with the stuff he was going through if he would have let somebody know,” said ACES High School senior, Colton Luquette.

Luquette says the suspect never gave him an impression that he intended to carry out his plan to attack his classmates.

“We would just sit in 3rd period together and listen to music,” he said.

“This was a student that nobody would have suspected,” said Mukilteo School District spokesperson Andy Muntz.

The alleged plan was never on the radar of teachers, students or school staff until police say the suspect’s grandmother read his journal and called 911.

“I know it had to have been really hard for her to do that, to turn in her grandson like that,” said Muntz. “But she quite honestly probably saved a lot of lives including her grandson.”

“My heart goes out to that woman and I’m grateful to her because she saved all those kids’ lives, all of them,” said Colton’s mother Crystal Frost.

She says she didn’t find out about the suspect’s alleged plan until she checked social media.

The Mukilteo School District says they sent emails to families yesterday – and officials are praising the grandmother’s actions.

It only took one grandmother to maybe save a whole bunch of lives,” said Muntz.

It’s because a family member cared about their student – that’s why district officials say the alleged plot was thwarted.

Frost says she has no problem nosing into her kids’ lives, it’s all meant to keep them safe.

“She saved countless lives here if not even her grandson’s,” said Frost. “Who would have known what happened to him if he actually carried it out.”


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