Sen. Kennedy defends Trump as ‘not a racist’ in wake of ‘s—gap nations’ com…

In an interview with WWL-TV Senator John Kennedy said he does not believe the comments President Trump made during an immigration discussion, in which he allegedly referred to Haiti and the African nations that send immigrants to the United States as “s—holes,” were racially charged.

Kennedy told WWL-TV reporter Paul Murphy that while he wished Trump had not made the comments, he does not believe they came from a “racial perspective.”

“My experience with the President has been that he’s not a racist,” Kennedy said. “It bothers me that we throw around this allegation of being a racist a little too casually now.”

He compared Trump’s comments to House minority leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s description of the authors of a new immigration bill as “a bunch of white men.” 

Kennedy told Murphy this is the first time he has commented on anything the president has said, expressing frustration with the number of questions he gets about Trump’s tweets. 

Watch and read the WWL-TV interview.

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