Snow ordinances within the Capital Metropolis

Schools across Mid-Michigan closed today as we shoveled out today, but if you live in Lansing and haven’t done that yet, the clock is ticking.

There are only hours left until city officials could come knocking at your door to give you a ticket.

In the last 24 hours, 5-8 inches of snow has fallen on Lansing city streets and it’s sidewalks.

But as crews work to clear the roads, it’s up to you to clear the sidewalk.

Homeowners and businesses alike are required to clear the way after a snowstorm or could face a fine.

“That’s important for the people who need to use the sidewalks to get to a bus stop, especially the children who need to get to their local schools or their bus stop as well,” says Director of Lansing’s Public Service Department, Chad Gamble.

Gamble says in an effort to keep people on the sidewalks and off the streets, the city gives homes and business owners 24 hours after a snowfall to shovel their sidewalks.

After that 24-hours is up, Gamble says a violation notice will be left at the property.

That notice, allows for an additional 24-hours to shovel.

But if you don’t get rid of the snow by the time that notice expires, the city will come back and do it for you.. and it will cost you a hefty fine.

“It’s $149 for the first 20 minutes and then it’s $70 for every 20 minutes increment thereafter that it takes us to clear the sidewalk of snow under ice,” says Gamble.

And if you can’t clear the path yourself, Gamble says hopefully you have a neighbor who can.

“We all need to work together to give a little gift especially during the holiday season and help those around us who need it,” says Gamble.

Several other Mid-Michigan communities have shovel ordinances as well, if you are unsure about yours, contact your local officials to find out.

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