Was Adrian Peterson’s time as a Saint a complete failure?

One of the more fun aspects of working on “Dunc & Holder” daily is the spontaneity of the show. 

As you can hear in the clip above, the bumper music coming into the segment was Styx, who as we heard in a commercial segment during an earlier break, is going on tour. So of course this piques our interest, as well as the interest of our fearless producer Dave Ducorbier, who gave us a handful of Styx classics coming in and out of breaks. 

But after one segment, the only song that popped into my head after talking about the “F” grade that Larry Holder gave one-time Saint Adrian Peterson was Pink Floyd’s anthemic “Another Brick in the Wall.” Specifically the refrain, “Hey! Teachers! Leave them kids alone!”

Granted, that song was written by Roger Waters as a protest against the rigidity of schooling in the UK at the time, but in this scenario, Holder is the teacher, and thus, his grade stands. 

For those with short memories, and we’re talking really short here, after Peterson was let go by the Vikings, the likely future Hall of Fame running back met with a few teams but eventually signed a two-year deal with the Saints in April 2017. The Saints then moved up to draft Alvin Kamara, who went on to become one of the centerpieces of the Saints’ one-two punch along with Mark Ingram. 

After going through offseason workouts and the preseason, Peterson returned to the place he called home for 10 years in the season opener and, well, y’all know what happened. 

Three games later, Peterson was traded to the Cardinals after injuries piled up at the running back position in Phoenix and went on to play in six games, rushing for nearly 500 yards and two touchdowns. 

When asked on Thursday by Jeff Duncan why he gave Peterson such a low grade, Holder was confident in his reasoning.

“No production. Terrible acquisition,” he said.

As Duncan pointed out, it wasn’t as if Peterson knew the situation he was walking into where he would eventually be the third running back behind Ingram and Kamara. 

“He should have never been acquired,” Holder said. 

In all, the situation worked out for all parties as Peterson got to play and saw time in 10 games, while the Saints were able to get another pick in this year’s draft and let the duo of Ingram and Kamara loose on the rest of the NFL. 

Dark sarcasm or otherwise, Peterson’s time wasn’t that bad in New Orleans, was it? I mean the guy came back during Arizona’s bye week to see the team, signed a load of things for players and generally everyone seemed pleased to have him back. 

Maybe, somebody in our crew has been playing around with too many bricks. 

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