What is your superstition?

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(WLNS) – They could appear old style, however superstitions are nonetheless alive and nicely, in response to a brand new survey. Crowdsourcing web site Ranker.com polled 18,000 individuals on the superstitions they consider in and located that, as an entire, individuals are nonetheless very superstitious.

Listed here are the highest 10 most generally believed superstitions, per the survey:

1. Knocking on wooden
2. Hoping on a star
three. Breaking a mirror
four. 4-leaf clover
5. Dangerous information is available in threes
6. Don’t open an umbrella inside
7. Fortunate penny
eight. Newbie’s luck
9. Saying “bless you” when somebody sneezes
10. Hoping on a wishbone

The highest superstitions additionally assorted by age and gender: Ladies ranked tossing salt over your left shoulder after you spill it as certainly one of their prime superstitions, whereas males and millennials stated hoping on a star was theirs. Individuals from Era X and child boomers stated the fortunate penny (getting good luck after you discover a heads-up penny) was their No.1 superstitious perception.

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