Why does the Trump Administration have 7-Eleven within the crosshairs?

“Raids and audits have been going on, in various ways, under every president going back to the 80’s,” noted immigration attorney Harlan York of Newark. “One of the best questions to ask here is what’s the most significant use of enforcement? It’s an age-old issue. Are businesses going to find Americans who are ready, willing or able to do jobs that immigrants readily accept?”

According to ICE data, employment audits actually peaked during the Obama Administration in Fiscal 2013, when 3,127 inspections of employers were conducted. Last fiscal year, just 1,360 were performed.

Homan last year announced that ICE would increase worksite audits by “four or five times” in 2018, in the wake of plans to hire 10,000 new enforcement officers.

In statements made to the Heritage Foundation, the ICE director said investigations would also involve the arrest and removal of any employees who do not have valid work authorization.

“We’ve already increased the number of inspections in work site operations, you will see that significantly increase this next fiscal year,” said. “When we find you at a worksite, we’re no longer going to turn our heads.”

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