Witness Describes Totally different Account of Chickasaw Parade Capturing

CHICKASAW, Alabama (WKRG) – A witness to the Chickasaw Christmas parade shooting says Roger Andrews was not randomly attacked by a pit bull as Andrews told News 5 in an interview Wednesday.

Justin Bailey said Andrews was feeding his dog treats when a pit bull came over to him. Bailey said he saw Andrews kick the pit bull.

“The old man wound up rearing back and kicked the pit bull,” said Bailey. “Once he did that, I guess it triggered his little dog to start getting kind of antsy.”

Bailey said that’s when Andrews’ dog and the pit bull started fighting. An off-duty animal control officer pulled the two dogs off each other, according to Bailey. Bailey said he was the one holding the pit bull back when Andrews pulled out his gun and fired a shot.

“I had him fully restrained,” said Bailey. “I had him wrapped around the neck in a headlock. He wasn’t going anywhere. He wasn’t trying to be any kind of aggressive. I mean I probably could have just sat there with the dog and it would not have moved.”

Bailey said the woman was shot in the hand as she tried to intervene in an attempt to prevent Andrews from firing his weapon.

Andrews was arrested early Thursday morning and charged with assault second degree.

Bailey says he believes the charge is justified. He says Andrews never should have fired a weapon near a crowd of people.

“It could have went two foot to the side in either direction,” said Bailey. “It could have hit an innocent child who was standing beside us.”

The woman who was shot in the hand declined an interview.

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